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to break through the barriers to hepatitis C treatment

An innovative project of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, HepCure is improving provider knowledge & patient engagement for chronic disease management in persons infected with the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). The toolkit is designed to address barriers for the effective care and treatment of HCV by providing web-based and smartphone enabled resources, navigation, consultation, and support for both patients and providers. The HepCure toolkit draws upon the experience of expert providers within the Mount Sinai Network, with support and development by Sinai AppLab, Mount Sinai Medical Center. HepCure was developed by the Mount Sinai Division of Liver Diseases, Division of General Internal Medicine, and the Informatics for Research, Outcomes, and Quality initiative in the Division of Gastroenterology.

The HepCure Provider Dashboard

HepCure is a secure, cloud-based provider portal meant to virtually navigate providers through hepatitis C virus (HCV) care. The HepCure dashboard integrates tools to more effectively manage HCV infected patients. A flexible, scalable platform, the HepCure Dashboard provides a seamless flow of information within a digital healthcare infrastructure. HepCure enables easy access to HCV resources and best-practices for optimal management of HCV patients with the opportunity to engage patients on treatment, while improving overall health outcomes. The platform serves as an organizational tool, with built-in workflow efficiencies that optimize treatment decisions, reduce redundancies, as well as promote provider training and development.

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Through the use of the dashboard and patient app, providers can:

  • Track data over time and organize patients by common characteristics.
  • Coordinate efficient care that improves health outcomes.
  • Identify patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings and monitor symptoms, side effects as well as exchange labs through the patient app.
  • Monitor a patient’s progress through each phase of treatment with built in access to social and behavioral health assessments.
  • Improve overall quality of care and enable access anytime, anywhere.
  • Access clinical decision-support algorithms, updates as new medications and regimens become available.

Upcoming Features

We at HepCure are always looking for ways to improve. That’s why we’re constantly working on new features and meeting new challenges! Here are just a few of the features we plan to explore:

  • Integrate HepCure into electronic medical record systems
  • Allow for providers to assign cases to a local specialist
  • Have suggestions or feedback? Share it with us!

HepCure Patient App

The patient app is a free resource for patients with hepatitis C, which allows them to track medication adherence, symptoms, and gain access to resources. It is available to download for free on iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) operating systems. While the app can be used by patients independently from the dashboard, it can also be linked with the provider dashboard. Providers can push lab data to patients and track treatment adherence and symptom data input by patients in real time.

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HepCure Live Webinars

The HepCure Tele-Education Webinar Series features many diverse and salient topics in hepatitis C. Each week, the webinar series showcases different speakers who are prominent members of the hepatitis C community. Our webinars are attended by a wide audience, and include providers, patient navigators, and other health workers from around the globe. Our collaboration with the New York State Clinical Education Initiative (CEI) and Empire Liver Foundation (ELF) allows us to provide continuing education credits (CME/CNE) through attendance to our webinars on the first and last Tuesday of every month.

All webinars are held on Tuesdays from 4:30 - 5:30pm EST

Next Webinar

UPCOMING: Hepatitis B: An Overview

Please Join us on Tuesday, January 21st for a presentation by Dr. Arun Jesudian of Weill Cornell Medicine. Dr. Jesudian will present on:

“Hepatitis B: An Overview”

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the epidemiology of Hepatitis B (HBV) infection
  • Understand the natural history of HBV infection
  • Identify candidates for HBV vaccination
  • Identify patients who should be screened for HBV and interpret HBV serology
  • Educate patients on preventing HBV transmission
  • Define the goals of HBV therapy and how current therapies reduce disease progression
  • Follow the key steps in HBV pretreatment evaluation and treatment algorithm
  • Recall the role of primary care provider capacity (PCP) in HBV care

Presenters Bio:

Dr. Arun Jesudian is a Transplant Hepatologist in the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medicine. He earned his BA from the University of Virginia where he was an Echols scholar and his MD from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine where he was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. He then completed residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Gastroenterology at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College as well as advanced fellowship training in Transplant Hepatology at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University. Dr. Jesudian is the Director of Inpatient Liver Services at NYPH/Weill Cornell and also serves as a member of the Department of Medicine Quality Improvement Patient Safety Committee. His clinical research focuses on the areas of quality improvement in cirrhosis management and complications of portal hypertension.

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Last Webinar

Treating HCV in Persons with Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders

On Tuesday, January 14th Dr. Jeffrey Weiss of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai presented on:

“Treating HCV in Persons with Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders”

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the relevance of mental health and substance use disorders for hepatitis C care and treatment.
  2. Plan to integrate assessment tools into your clinical practice.
  3. Propose strategies and models of care to effectively treat persons with mental health and substance use disorders for hepatitis C infection.


Jeffrey J. Weiss, PhD, MS, is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Dr. Weiss is the Director of the Respectful & Equitable Access to Comprehensive Healthcare (REACH) Program in the Division of General Internal Medicine. REACH is a community outreach and primary care based harm reduction treatment program providing stigma-free care, including HCV treatment, to persons who use drugs. Dr. Weiss has worked for 28 years in the United States and Europe as a licensed clinical  psychologist providing care to persons with infectious diseases; conducting research on behavioral interventions to improve their quality and length of life including strategies to improve medication and treatment adherence; and providing education and mentorship to medical providers and public health professionals. Dr. Weiss’s NIH-funded research studies led to the development of the open-access, web-based Psychosocial Readiness Evaluation and Preparation for hepatitis C treatment (PREP-C; assessment tool which has been accessed by over 1800 health care professionals from around the world and shown to improve rates of HCV treatment initiation among HIV/HCV co-infected persons. Dr. Weiss’s current research focuses on the intersection of HIV, HCV, and the opioid crisis and he serves as a co-Investigator on two HCV elimination studies in Kentucky.

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Beginner Modules

These learning modules are intended for clinicians of all backgrounds who may encounter or treat patients with hepatitis C and would like to establish core competencies in screening & diagnosis, evaluation and management of the disease. Content includes screening and linkage to care, initial evaluation, diagnosis and recognition of clinical manifestations. These modules were originally presented as a component of the HepCure Tele-Education Webinar Series.


Expert Modules

These learning modules are intended for clinicians who have experience treating patients with hepatitis C and would like to further their knowledge. These modules were originally presented as a component of the HepCure Tele-Education Webinar Series.


Psychosocial Readiness Evaluation and Preparation for Hepatitis C Treatment

THe Psychosocial Readiness Evaluation and Preparation for Hepatitis C Treatment (PREP-C) is a free interactive online tool that enables you to provide a thorough assessment of a patient’s psychosocial readiness to begin Hepatitis C treatment, and make a treatment plan to improve treatment readiness.

This free online tool can be used by any type of professional involved in preparing a patient for Hepatitis C Treatment including medical providers, nurses, mental health, substance use, social work, pharmacy, case management, treatment adherence and health education specialists.