Discover what Treatments are available

By completing your profile, treatment information and treatment readiness sections, you can review treatment options available for you and discuss them with your provider at your next visit.


Keep track of Medications and Appointments

The HepCure app allows you to set a medication schedule to ensure you remember when to take your medications. Discrete push notifications from the app remind you to take your medication. You can even keep track of upcoming appointments in the the app as well.


Track Labs and Symptoms

Our symptom tracker allows you to track your symptoms and keep track of your medications once you actually start treatment. Easily view your progress in a list or graphically. You can even link to your provider (if they are a HepCure Dashboard User) and share important updates during your treatment process.


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Are you a Healthcare Provider?

Join the many providers who are using our Provider Dashboard to track and treat patients with Hepatitis C. Our HepCure Provider dashboard was created by providers, for providers, to help navigate the treatment process. Learn more about how the Dashboard can help you!

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