HCV Drug-Drug Interactions: What You Need to Know

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August 22, 2017 
HCV providers and multi-disciplinary team staff members 
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On Tuesday, August 22nd, Susan Lee, PharmD, of Northwell Health – Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Diseases presented on: “Hepatitis C Drug-Drug Interactions: What You Need to Know”

This webinar was sponsored by the Empire Liver Foundation, an organization dedicated to increasing community awareness of liver disease and providing education on liver disease to health care providers and patients. If you would like to receive continuing education (CE) for this webinar, click here. If you have any questions about receiving continuing education, please contact megchappell@empireliverfoundation.org

Lecture Objectives:
1. Describe basic pharmacokinetic principles as they relate to drug interactions
2. Describe the manifestation of drug interaction
3. Relate the drug interactions to the commercially available Hepatitis C medications
4. Provide resources regarding identifying drug interactions

Presenter Bio:
Dr. Susan MK Lee is a specialist pharmacist at the Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Diseases part of Northwell Health. She is a certified diabetes educator and also has a board certification in pharmacy specialties. Dr. Lee currently works with an interdisciplinary team focused on providing access to high cost hepatitis C medications as well as pertinent patients education regarding potential drug interactions, proper medication administration, and appropriate follow up. She has helped over a thousand patients initiate hepatitis C medication regimen.

Access the slides here