HCV Drug-Drug Interactions: What You Need to Know

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Date presented
August 22, 2017 
HCV providers and multi-disciplinary team staff members 
CE Credit

On Tuesday, August 22nd, Susan Lee, PharmD, of Northwell Health – Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Diseases presented on: “Hepatitis C Drug-Drug Interactions: What You Need to Know”

Lecture Objectives:
1. Describe basic pharmacokinetic principles as they relate to drug interactions
2. Describe the manifestation of drug interaction
3. Relate the drug interactions to the commercially available Hepatitis C medications
4. Provide resources regarding identifying drug interactions

Presenter Bio:
Dr. Susan MK Lee is a specialist pharmacist at the Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Diseases part of Northwell Health. She is a certified diabetes educator and also has a board certification in pharmacy specialties. Dr. Lee currently works with an interdisciplinary team focused on providing access to high cost hepatitis C medications as well as pertinent patients education regarding potential drug interactions, proper medication administration, and appropriate follow up. She has helped over a thousand patients initiate hepatitis C medication regimen.

Access the slides here